Terms of Use

The photographs in this web site are reproduced with the permission of the photographer, Alain Cimon. All photographs are Copyright © Alain Cimon. All rights are reserved. The images in the web site have been reduced in size for easier viewing. Each image has the words "© Alain Cimon" on it and this line should not be removed. Full size scanned images are held by the photographer.

Non-Commercial Use by Private Individuals

You may make use of the photographs for private study provided they are not used for commercial gain. Users may therefore print a single copy of the photographs. Please acknowledge both the photographer and the source by including the following line beside each image: © Alain Cimon (http://alaincimonphoto.com/)

Reproduction on the Internet

Anyone who would like to reproduce any of the photographs on a web site should first contact the photographer, Alain Cimon.

Commercial Publication/Reproduction

Anyone who would like to reproduce any of the photographs for commercial purposes should contact the photographer. Full-size images can be supplied in TIFF, PNG, JPEG, or other format.

Ordering Prints

In the short-term the photographer will try to meet any demand for photographic quality prints. This is being done on a part-time informal basis by the photographer. In the long-term it may not be possible to offer this service. Anyone who is interested in prints of the photographs should contact the photographer..